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First A-Month Equals

October 8, 2014

We shouldn’t play favorite with the months. Every month has something special going for it, some unique talent that calls for our admiration. June has the sun. July has the heat. August has the humidity. March is rainiest, April windiest. Even little February, shortest of them all, has Presidents’ Day. Let there be no sibling rivalry among these twelve children of the year. There is no comparison.

Except, of course, October. October is the best. Everyone knows that.

I mean, look at October’s list of bragging rights. There’s the gentle Autumn sun putting a comfortable glow onto the world. It’s jut breezy enough for a light coat, just warm enough for long meditative walks, just bright enough to enjoy the bursting kaleidoscope of colored leaves. October is the first smells of wood fire and pumpkin spice. It is Harvest time and Halloween. October rocks.

Already at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish we’ve had quite a few enjoyable October activities. At the school the kids have been making their apple and pumpkin crafts, spreading the hallways with paper foliage, and to add fab to abulous, we are in the middle of Cross-country season, which is my definition of awesome.  Our Harvest Festival rebounded with music, games, and the Bouncy House. It is always a joy to be with the larger parish community celebrating the season together. Plus there were caramel apples. And pie.

Finally, we had the Feast of St. Francis which makes October truly a high point of the year. Whether celebrating the Transitus service, joining in the Mass for his feast day, or participating in the Blessing of the Animals in the prayer garden, we stand close to this saint who teaches us to enjoy all the good things in life as gifts from God.

October rocks. Enjoy.


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  1. Debbie Powell permalink

    Fr. Joe! please change your blog to Fr Joe! and please post some new and wondrous blogs
    We are waiting!

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