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Close the Stable Door

May 6, 2014

Spring is here . . . I don’t want to say that too loudly for fear that Spring will get spooked and take off, as it seems to have down once or twice already. Like a skittish horse we’ve had to coax the nice weather out of its winter stable. First a wet nose of melting snow. Then two deep black eyes of icy water on the long muddy-brown face. A shake of a grassy mane. Then the long legs of trees stepping out with the first tentative buds. And with a swish of a crocus tail Spring cantors out of the stable at last. Now we’ve just got to wait for its slow cantor to speed into galloping summer. The winter stables are closed for another year.

Anyone with horses will forgive my fanciful depiction of Spring. Although I have never myself ridden one of those beasties (though it’s on my bucket list) it’s easy to imagine the growing sensation of flight and power as the unstoppable force beneath you rides over the earth like liquid air. That’s how Spring feels. A slow appearance — a few shaky steps — growing confidence — and the giddy release of energy as the faucet of joy gets turned fully round. It’s enough to make you look back at winter and laugh. Softly. Don’t spook the horse.

Easter time holds the same promise of unbridled joy. After the slow steady steps of Lent, we’ve ridden together on the quickening power of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. And suddenly as Pentecost rounds the corner we find the earth rushing underhoof. A wild ecstasy hovers just out of reach, ready to envelop us as the gifts of the Holy Spirit are renewed in our hearts.

Don’t spook the horse! Keep a tight grip on that solid power which supports us in our mad rush towards Pentecost. For once we pass that gate there will be new worlds of adventure and grace to charge into with the joy of the children of God.


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