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Who Do You Run With?

March 1, 2014

Running has always been a big thing in my family. We might not have done too much with organized sports — if you give me a ball I won’t do anything with it except fall over it — but put us in the starting line and shout “Run!” and we’ll run. Middle school, high school, college and beyond have all seen us running on one team or another or just lacing up the shoes and going on our own.

My dad helped me get started. He loves to do everything on a family-sized scale, so when he decided to start running that means any children in the immediate vicinity would be running too. I was in seventh grade and didn’t know better. One mile with dad became two, then three. Pretty soon I was running more than I ever thought I could — even though some of those three-milers could be pretty tough. Now I run regularly on my own and (almost) always enjoy it.

You need help getting started with anything in life. Dad helped me get started in running, and he also helped me get started in faith. That was another family-sized activity: Mass together on Sundays, praying the rosary in the evenings, talking about God and grace and trying to love as Jesus does. Dad helped us to run and helped us to have faith, and there’s a lot of similarity between the two. Like running, faith takes work — it takes a little more each day, one mile becoming two, then three. Faith moves you in a direction, like running — towards living more fully in God. And faith, like running, is better when you do it with somebody.

Who do you run with? Don’t forget — Jesus is the running buddy who never gets tired out. Lace up your shoes with The Lord — get ready, and go!


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